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Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

. Your ex tells you that he/she is not planning to get married yet. Another sign to show that your ex is still open for a fresh start with you.

. Your ex is very happy when she/he is around you. (Do not think that your ex is probably happy because he/she broke up with you/another sign that I learn from my ex)

. Your ex does not mind at all to flirt with you. This could mean your ex wants to reunite or your ex may just want to have sex with you. So be careful with this one.

. Your ex tells you that he/she is only interested with his/her new job or career etc and tells you how important it is to him/her. It means your ex is open for a fresh start with you. It also means that your ex is having a tough time trying to keep you out of his/her head.

. Your ex is out dating with someone and somehow you came to know about it. This means that your ex wants to make you jealous or punish you. She/he deliberately did it in such a way that you will come to know about it. Your ex is just using that person she/he is dating to get at you. Your ex is craving for attention here

. Your ex changes her/his mobile phone number, emails, etc and you have no way to contact your ex. This could be for months and even years. It means your ex is giving you the silent cold treatment and is punishing you so that you will treat him/her right and not do or say those things that hurts and disappoint your ex anymore.

. Your ex is quite open with you, talks more than she/he used to. It means your ex wants to please you.

If you do not see any one of the signs above do not despair but please read on to learn how your ex is still thinking about you and how those experiences you had with your ex still remains deep inside of your ex.

Dealing with Fear in order to get your ex back.

The number one enemy that you will always have to deal with when getting your ex back is F.E.A.R. Fear will always show up in your mind and if you do not learn how to deal with it you will eventually make decisions to give up in your pursuit of getting your ex back. Many people failed because they do not know how to deal with fear

It has also been said that many people do not get what they want in life because they allow fear to dominate their lives. Do not give in to fear and do not let it paralyze your decisions to get your ex back

One Simple Way to deal with Fear in order to get your ex back.

Facts: It is reported that 90% of our fear never comes to pass. And that means 90% of our FEAR is false evidence appearing real

Here is one simple way to prove this: Try to remember all those fears that you thought would happen in your life or in the life of someone last year. Did it come to pass? (Example: I am often in fear and thought many times that we are going to have a plane crash but it never happened)

Fear cannot dictate or paralyze you unless you yield or allow it. It has no power over you

Every time you are challenged by fear just remind yourself what Fear is (False evidence appearing real) and that 90% of our fears will never happen.

And remind yourself this quote;

"You miss 100% of the shots you do not take."

-Wayne Gretzky

Knowing the above facts will help you to stay focus and with your commitment to getting your ex back.

Psychological facts you must know before getting your ex back.

This fact will give you an edge in restoring your relationship. Let me get straight to the point here. There is one psychological fact which is the main reason of why so many people were able to reunite with their ex. And these people broke up because of cheating, lying, adultery, verbal and physical abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, lose of interest, lost of passions, indifference, etc.But these same people reunite with their ex simply because of this one psychological fact though they may not be aware of this fact. And this psychological fact is the Subconscious Mind. Some called it the inner mind.

There are many definition on the subconscious mind but I will use only one here simply because of its relevancy.

Web Definition:

• The part of consciousness where all experience is stored as a set of sensory data, see, hear touch, taste, smell, etc.

Now that is really interesting and powerful because this tells us that we cannot forget people and the experiences we had with them though we many not be aware of it. This means that your ex still remembers you and all those good times you had together. And of course this is probably the reason why you cannot forget about your ex. Now we come to the most important part and the most important steps for you to take in order to get your ex back. And that is to learn how you can rekindle those love and passion that once resides within your ex.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Activating the fire of love and passion.

In order to activate the fire of love and passion that resides within your ex subconscious mind ,there are many steps that you must take.So we will start with the first step.

1.Double stun and make Your ex regret using the power of the Law of Attraction

The way you look was the first thing that draws your ex attention .
The first thing that your ex notice when your ex first laid eyes on you is your look.Men and women are all alike when it comes to looks.We are all attracted to good looks because that is the first thing we see.Most women are attracted to taller men and likewise men to taller women..And we know that the way a person looks tells a lot about that person.Your ex have probably evaluated the way you dress,your hair ,shoulders,hip,waist etc.The way you talk and the way you carry yourself around.
And I bet that your ex had made some or many comments and compliments about the way you look ,talk,walk and dresses. The trick is to change the way you look so much more better than you look before.(I am not suggesting plastic surgery here lol ) This will surprise and double stun your ex and will definitely make your ex regret that he or she broke up with you. Looks can really stun people, can make you dumb and helpless,speechless, and drives people so crazy that they are willing to do almost anything  for you or absolutely insult and put-off people. This has been proven time and time again.So take your time and change the way you look as best as you can.I don't think that I need to tell you what you need to do for this matter.Do you need to lose weight, build your body,change your hairstyle ,buy new dress etc ? Then do it. You won't regret it.Take all the time you need for this.
(After 10 years or so I met one of my ex  of whom I was so in love with.But my ex wasn't that good looking  anymore .In fact my ex looked worst than my ex use to.(I don't mean to be rude here and please don't get the picture that look is all that matters but it is definitely important) Before ,my ex looks hot,sexy,cute and happy.Now my ex looks worst than that and I can't imagine how I was able to be so crazy about my ex.That was my last impression of my ex till to this very day.You would not want to give that kind of impression,do You? )

2.Using the no-contact method and the power of curiosity.

Did you beg your ex to take you back when he or she broke up with you ?

If yes then you don't have to be ashamed for doing that. You can use this to your advantage using the power of curiosity. I am sure you know the story " Curiosity killed the cat."

Curiosity is powerful.As humans we are curious being.You are probably curious about your ex right now. Same thing with your ex too.. In the first place you are more curious about your ex than your ex is curious about you.Here's why?
You see your ex left you and had moved on and that is what makes you so curious about him or her
Now it's time to take control and turn the situation around . Don't contact your ex at all atleast for 4 months even if you are tempted.No text messages, no phones ,no emails etc.No Contact and that's it.This will make your ex so curious that your ex will be tempted to contact you.

3.How to make your ex even more curious when your ex contact you.

When your ex contact you by phone , or sms ,emails etc just be friendly , casual and cheerful.If you find it hard to do this just pretend.Fake it till you make it okay. Ask how he or she is doing and say that you are happy for whatever your ex is doing now. But don't ask too much question here because you want your ex to be more curious about you. Don't talk for too long but keep it short.Here's how: Politely excuse yourself by saying that you have to do a certain thing and that you need to hang up .Make urgent and important excuses. Thank your ex casually for calling and give a big casual bye . This will really make your ex more curious .Don't be serious and cold when you are on the phone with your ex.Being friendly and casual will just do.

All of the steps that I have outline for you will really help you a lot and definitely put you on the right track . But there are important steps and methods (Very crucial) that you must implement when you're in contact with your ex.You need a complete guide and more resource. And for that I highly recommend you go to the website below.The resource you will find on this website is powerful .It's my favorite and the most popular because of its high success rate.

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